with Janee Woods

The Social Justice Book & Movie Club

Janee will host and moderate The Social Justice Book & Movie Club through the What Matters fan page on Facebook. You can join here.

How Will It Work?

On the first day of every month, Janee will announce a new book or movie selection using the What Matters fan page. In time, Janee hopes that we will be able to vote and choose selections democratically. While we are getting the Club up and running for the first two or three months, she will choose the books/movies, with input from a few others. If you have a suggestion for a selection, please let her know.

The discussion will be live on the What Matters fan page on the last Sunday of every month for that month’s selection. This means that you have all month to read or watch the selection. On the last Sunday, visit the What Matters fan page at any time to participate in the discussion. Come back throughout the day to keep participating and to respond to other people’s comments, as you have time.

Of course, people can keep discussing the selection past its assigned Sunday, provided they do not post any new discussion questions/comment threads on the following days. In other words, you can keep the discussion going using any discussion questions/comment threads already posted on that selection’s Sunday but do not make any new, independent posts after that. This will help us avoid chaos on the page!

What Will We Read or Watch?

There are no hard and fast rules here, as long as we are able to have a meaningful discussion about social justice issues or other cultural/political/social issues inspired by book or movie. Fiction and nonfiction selections are both welcome. We’ll try our best to keep books reader-friendly with accessible language and a reasonable number of pages.

Who Can Participate?

Everyone who reads the book or watches the movie is welcome to participate. People from all backgrounds and viewpoints are invited into the discussion.

Who Picks Discussion Questions?

Janee will post 3-5 discussion questions for each selection for the entire community to discuss with each other. Other members of the community are welcome to post discussion questions as well, as long as they are not redundant. Please include only one discussion question per post. Please title all posts containing a discussion question like this:


Write your question here.

Here is an example.


How would readers from 1969, the year the book was published, interpret this coming of age story compared to readers from our time?

Are There Any Ground Rules?

By participating in the Social Justice Book & Movie Club, you are agreeing to uphold the Values and Principles for Commenting on the What Matters fan page. In return, Janee agrees to publish all comments. There is a caveat: comments that are threatening or violent will not be published and you will be blocked from commenting.


  • Everyone is invited to participate in the conversation.
  • Diversity of backgrounds and perspectives are welcome here.
  • Candor and passion are encouraged. Speak from the head and from the heart.
  • Disagreement and dissent must be made with respect.
  • If you reference other sources, such as news articles, consider providing a link in your comment so that others may see what you are talking about.
  • Please consider how your commenting might be affected by internalized white supremacy, white privilege, internalized racial oppression, economic privilege, or different forms of bias or prejudice.
  • Be open to sitting with discomfort if you feel your guard going up. Consider how you can transform the discomfort into an opportunity to learn and grow in your understanding of the topic at hand.
  • If you are responding to a specific person, please tag that person in your comment so that they may respond back directly to you.
  • Threats, violence and cyberbullying will not be tolerated.

We look forward to our lively and passionate conversations! See you on Facebook on (the last) Sunday!

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Great Community. Smart Choices. Real Leadership.

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Great Community. Smart Choices. Real Leadership.

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