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Like What Matters On Facebook & How to Join the Social Justice Book & Movie Club!

What Matters is now on Facebook! You can like the page by clicking on the Facebook widget in the sidebar on this site or you can go here. I’ll still be posting my original writing on this site but head on over to Facebook to also have access to other content I’ll be sharing with our community, like videos and articles by other people related to current events and other important issues like culture, race and ethnicity, poverty, women’s rights, health access, LGBTQ rights, and education. Facebook also provides an easy way for all of us to be able to have real time conversations with each other.

You can also join The Social Justice Book & Movie Club by liking the Facebook page!


Hand to Mouth: Living In Bootstrap America by Linda Tirado!

Hand to Mouth

A first person account of what it’s like to count yourself among our country’s working poor. Bold and unapologetic, Linda Tirado reveals the challenges of struggling to survive on low wage jobs, with no hope for respite from poverty.

This book is available from Amazon as a book, an e-book or book on tape. Buy it here.

The discussion for this book will be on the last Sunday of this month, May 31, 2015. The discussion questions will be posted by 8:00am EST. Don’t forget to check out the ins and outs of how the book club will work here.

Leave a comment below if you will be participating! Book and movie suggestions for the future are also welcome!


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