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Call to Action: Support People Powered Democracy with RHIZE.ORG


Hi Everybody!

I wanted to let you know about this exciting new venture I am supporting called Rhize, and its crowdfunding campaign.

Rhize is a new nonprofit that is building a world class coaching corps of the world’s top movement-builders to coach and support burgeoning social movements around the world. Over the last 6 months, Rhize has been working with 5 different movements — such as the disability rights movement in India, government transparency movement in Lebanon, LGBT rights movement in Cameroon, among others — all of which (plus a few more) are now asking Rhize to provide more in-depth support to them as they try to grow and scale their work to more communities and more victories for their issues.

My dear friend Erin is the founder and has been working tirelessly to get Rhize off the ground for the last year.This campaign is launching Rhize into its next critical phase of its work: in-country support so that they can actually meet the demand of many of these important social justice movements. You can learn more about Rhize and the campaigns here.

Their crowdfunding campaign launched a few weeks ago, and has already reached over 50% of its goal! But this doesn’t necessarily guarantee their success. The first couple of weeks of a crowdfunding campaign is the most crucial but your support is still needed. Can you consider giving a $25 donation (but really whatever you can afford… every little bit helps) today to help Rhize smash through their goal?

Thanks to the initial support, the campaign’s already made it to Indiegogo’s homepage and newsletter, but if we keep up the support, more people can continue to see the campaign.

I highly recommend checking out their campaign page and their awesome video, where you can hear from some of the amazing leaders Rhize has already worked with, who are asking them to come provide in-country support to them and their movements.

With your donation, Rhize will be able to run a 2-month project helping India’s participatory democracy movement, Rwanda’s gender equality movement, Lebanon’s movement for government transparency, and other defining movements asking them to come work with them!

I hope you’re as compelled as I was to get on board with this campaign and help this awesome cause help people find their voice and really make an impact. And make sure you also follow Rhize on Twitter- @rhizeup!


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Great Community. Smart Choices. Real Leadership.

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Great Community. Smart Choices. Real Leadership.

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